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Our process. Every service we provide. Everything that makes us who we are is embodied by our core values.






In the end, success is driven by execution.


Our team has the industry
specific knowledge and
specialized local experience
to maximize the value of
your project, at any phase
of the asset lifecycle.

Success is also highly dependent on the ability
to function as a TEAM.

With the right team in place, we believe 1+1 = 3.

We have assembled the
best and brightest from the
industry and are uniquely
positioned to help our
clients achieve their goals. 

Above all else, we believe
success begins with building 
focused relationships


We get to know our clients
by asking questions that
deepen our understanding
so we can provide smart,
value-driven solutions.

Core Philosophy
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Empowering Renewable Energy Development

Getting renewable energy projects off the ground and seeing them to fruition requires the ability to overcome many challenges, both known and unforeseen. The good news is that there are specific processes, resources and relationships that can help you overcome any of these challenges. When it comes to renewable energy development, there is a better way


Energy Project Solutions (EPS) is here to help our partners leverage our vast experience, expertise and resources to reach their goals faster, more efficiently and with greater ROI. No matter what phase you are at in an asset’s lifecycle, whether it be assembling, permitting, construction management or compliance – you don’t have to go it alone. We want to be your partner and guide throughout the process. At the end of the day, helping you succeed is what makes us succeed. And there’s no better feeling than being a part of a Win – Win.

Every Step of the Way and at Every Point In-between





Why We're Here
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Helping you get where you want to go, starts by getting to know you.

No matter what point you are at in an asset’s lifecycle, chances are EPS has been there before. Still, we make no assumptions. We want to hear it all from you. We want to listen to your story, hear your goals and share your vision. We want to deepen our understanding, so that we can become a true working partner – an extension of your team – comprised of hand-picked EPS experts matched to your project’s unique needs and specific goals. By taking this approach, we believe the sum of the parts becomes even greater as a whole. With the right people in place, working in sync, we can perform at the level of much larger teams. It is almost as if 1 + 1 = 3. By investing in you and building strong relationships from the start, we are empowered to deliver smarter, more insightful, value-driven solutions.

“With the right people in place, working in sync,
we can perform at the level of much larger teams.
It is almost as if 1+1=3.”
How We Do It
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Carving Our Niche in the Desert Southwest

Renewable energy project development in the Desert Southwest can be a complicated process. It typically involves working with and meeting the compliance guidelines for multiple agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who administers one eighth of the country’s land mass. Our experience in navigating multiple agency guidelines is just one example of how we can be a true asset to your team. Our mission is to provide our partners with the localized experience and insight needed to create the most realistic project timelines to meet set goals, while maximizing efficiencies and increasing asset valuation.

The EPS team has extensive
experience and expertise
throughout the Desert 

Southwest region.



What We Do
The EPS Team

With more than 50 years of collective expertise in renewable energy development, the EPS team is highly skilled in managing large, complex transactions where we can lead the development process from inception to construction. 


EPS is comprised of a specialized group of handpicked industry experts tailored to meet the needs of any renewable energy project. We have deep roots in all facets of a project lifecycle including engineering, real estate, business development and finance.


We take a unique approach to understanding and advancing complex projects. Most importantly, we have built strong relationships and strategic alliances across the U.S. market with solar and wind developers, owner/operators, financial institutions (debt/equity/tax equity) and property owners.


EPS has provided development, pre-construction, and EPC management services on over 30 projects with a combined generation capacity of over 10 GW, including 100+ miles of high voltage transmission, and 20+ substations across the desert Southwest. 

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