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Through All Phases of Development

EPS provide a complete suite of professional management services that can be applied to any stage of your asset lifecycle. From pre-development site analysis through pre-construction and EPC Management, we're here to help guide you effectively through the process.




Whatever the size or aspirations for your renewable energy project. No matter if you will ultimately finance or construct the project yourself. If engaged in the early stages of development, you will at some point be required to take on the role of project developer. Before a project can enter development, it is essential to analyze market conditions, conduct siting and environmental evaluations, and assess risk to determine the overall feasibility of the project. With so many different types of organizations entering the renewable energy sector, not all of them are fortified with resident energy project professionals. This is where we can help.


Market Analysis  |  Site Selection  |  Feasibility Analysis  |  Diligence

Financial/Budgeting Support  |  Site Control Support




Once the green light has been given for development to begin, our partners can rely on our core strengths to make the entire development cycle more time and cost efficient. Throughout all phases of development, we can provide insights and best practices to streamline planning, permitting and project approvals. The value of an asset can increase or decrease in the development cycle, and this is contingent on the ability to execute efficiently and cleanly, without error or misstep. Our thorough knowledge of development and associated regulatory and permitting requirements can prove paramount in maintaining project timelines and maximizing asset value.


Scoping  |  Permitting  |  Resource Study Management  |  Interconnection Services

Stakeholder/Public Outreach  |  Project Management



EPC Proposal Development | EPC Selection Support | Preliminary Engineering Management | Pre-Mobilization Site Management


With decades of experience in the Desert Southwest, EPS can provide you with deep knowledge of the region, and the enterprises that operate within it. This insight can be an invaluable resource throughout EPC selection, monitoring and management. Just as vital, we can also provide the biological, cultural and environmental experts required to ensure the regulatory compliance of your project as it moves forward.



Designing, building, and managing utility scale infrastructure projects is a complex process that requires industry know-how and multidisciplinary expertise, not to mention a repository of uncommon, highly sought-after capabilities. Without experienced leadership, there can be a lack of direction and accountability that leads to projects running over budget and well beyond their original scope or schedule. 


EPS offers management consulting services that empower our clients to streamline operations, undertake complex transactions, develop and pivot quickly as conditions change, and manage engineering, procurement, and construction schedules and activities.  


We specialize in providing professional management services and consultation for any or all phases of a project. No matter the scope, large or small, EPS has unparalleled expertise in supporting and coordinating engineering design, the procurement process, construction management and inspection activities.


Whether you’re looking for a proven team to design and manage your entire project from end to end, or if you’re in need of a specific skillset to augment your team, we’ll tailor the following services to meet the unique requirements of your project.


Engineering Management | Project and Program Management

Construction Management | Project Controls | Inspection Services

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